Welcome to the “McAsphalt Advantage”


Committing to the future of Safe and Sustainable Bitumen Transportation.

Welcome to the “McAsphalt Advantage”

McAsphalt Marine Transportation Ltd. is proud of the launch of our new Bitumen vessel, the “McAsphalt Advantage”. This ship was designed and built to optimize safe, secure, and dependable bitumen transportation in the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence, and markets around the world.

The “McAsphalt Advantage” positions us as an industry leader with best-in-class features and technology supporting our commitment to safety and sustainability through carbon reduction now, and into the future.

These features define her Advantage:

• 12,000 DWT Bitumen and Oil Product tanker

• Dual fuel design utilizing both LNG and MDO

• Optimized hull design to facilitate fuel efficiency and maneuverability

• Emission reduction to support corporate sustainability commitments

• Fully insulated and independent cargo tanks to support flexible load arrangements

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