MCA Advantage Corporate

MCA Advantage Corporate

With the MCA Advantage, you get a partner and advisor who will consult with you about designs, specifications, technical services, processes and material selection. By developing innovative, custom-designed products that offer additional benefits, such as peak performance in unique conditions, improved field performance, greater environmental and health benefits, the MCA Advantage provides significant long-term cost savings, resulting in lower “total cost of ownership.”

For over 50 years, we have been the industries top asphalt experts, offering asphalt products and services from over 26 strategically located terminals across Canada, coast to coast to coast.

Technical Services and Field Support 

We pride ourselves on offering you the industry’s best technical support for asphalt products and processes alike. Roads are a significant infrastructure investment; in the planning stages, short-term savings can add up to long-term costs in terms of maintenance, repairs and the eventual need to rebuild.

Our customized solutions combine our decades of experience with the industry’s top research and development to bring you the industry’s best range of economically available options.

McAsphalt’s Technical Services has the knowledge to solve the technical challenges of today’s road construction industry and help you maximize the field performance of your infrastructure investment — it’s all part of how we deliver the MCA Advantage.


Education & Resources

The MCA Advantage is our commitment to helping you stay up to date with industry changes, improved technologies and expert insights. As the industry’s most published company in Canada, we offer our clients a comprehensive range of valuable resources and educational tools that will assist you in optimizing the overall performance of your road network. 

With membership to all of the North American asphalt industry associations and through active participation in new product and process development, McAsphalt will continue to remain a step ahead in engineering, training and technology transfer.

Research & Development

We are committed to developing new products to cater to changing industry needs. The specialty products laboratory component of the McAsphalt Research Centre actively pursues various research projects throughout the year. 

Whether partnering with user agencies, academia or industry, McAsphalt’s research dollars are dedicated to the continuing improvement of asphalt materials and processes keeping asphalt as the most economically viable pavement material in the world.


Customers demand service, quality, reliability and responsiveness at the lowest cost, MCA Logistics delivers numerous customer service advantages based on our unique ability to transport by truck, rail and marine.

McAsphalt’s diversified terminal installations and highly qualified logistics personnel provide our customers with flexible transportation solutions that help reduce transportation costs, enhance communication and information flow and achieve synergy in our customer-supplier relationship. 

Whether shipping our products around the corner or across the world, McAsphalt’s transportation team gives our customers a strategic advantage in their marketplace.

Operational Excellence

By establishing clear goals, strategies and objectives McAsphalt has been able to successfully implement a comprehensive Integrated Management System (ISO-9001/14001/45001 ) which has allowed us to sustain our competitive advantage over the last 50 years. The corporate culture and values of our employees are in alignment with those goals and are reflected in their commitment to quality, health-safety-environment and to providing the best customer experience possible.

June 2020
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