EverLife DWM®


Residential Driveway Asphalt Mix 

Applied at lower temperatures than traditional hot mix!

EverLife DWM® offers an excellent alternative to traditional concrete, adding a rich, dark colour and premium finish to residential driveways. Due to its nature as a mixture of aggregate and a carefully selected oil binder, this specialty mix is able to expand and contract as the seasons change, reducing the chances of cracks forming in the driveway.

Even when maintenance is needed, the cost throughout its lifetime is less than concrete due in part to the fact that most maintenance can be performed by the owner, eliminating the cost of hiring specialized labor. EverLife DWM® is also less expensive and takes less time to install than a traditional concrete driveway.

Why Choose an Asphalt Driveway?

Asphalt is far more flexible than traditional concrete, meaning it is far less likely to crack over time. It also takes less time and money then concrete both to install and to maintain. Because maintenance on an asphalt driveway can be done by the owner and not a specialty contractor, the cost of upkeep of an asphalt driveway is far less over time than concrete. Asphalt also holds up much better to changes in temperature as it has a flexible structure built up of stones and asphalt binder instead of being a solid block of rock.


An asphalt driveway will need a solid base in order to resist deformation over time. The highest standard for a solid base is compacted loose aggregate, piled up roughly 15 to 20 cm. The reason this layer is critical to the lifespan of the asphalt is because it will stop the asphalt from deforming over time due to weather and the stresses of heavier vehicles. A hot asphalt mix is then placed on top of the loose aggregate in a layer roughly 5 cm thick, which is then compacted. After the initial installation, you as an owner have a variety of options as to your next step. You could leave the surface as is or apply a sealing coat of liquid asphalt to add an extra layer of protection against water intrusion. You can even apply a thin layer of rough aggregate known as a “chip seal” to increase the amount of traction on your driveway, ideally suited for regions that experience freezing temperatures.


If cracks appear in your asphalt driveway, have no fear: the solution is simple and you can do it yourself. Simply purchase some asphalt sealant from your local hardware store and apply it according to manufacturer’s instructions to any visible cracks. The sealant will coat the inside of the crack in a layer of impermeable liquid asphalt while filling in the crack so that water cannot sit in the opening. No need for expensive truck rentals or contractors!

Single family house in suburban Maryland, United States. Two car garage, driveway and basketball hoop.

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