Barn/Fence Paint

Barn/Fence Paint

Penetrates, Preserves and Protects

Asphalt-based fence paint is fortified with special oils designed to penetrate, preserve, and protect wood and other types of surfaces. It will also add years of service life as it rustproofs metal, preserves wood, damp proofs stone or brick, and rejuvenates composition surfaces. It also helps prevent cribbing on fencing and stalls and is designed for use above or below grade.

General Product Features:

  • Penetrates, preserves and protects
  • Preserves wood
  • Rustproofs metal
  • Damp proofs stone or brick
  • Dry finish is livestock safe

Give us a call to get the MCA Advantage: a partner and advisor who will consult with you about designs, specifications, technical services, processes, and material selection. By developing innovative, custom-designed products that offer additional benefits, such as peak performance in unique conditions, improved field performance, and greater environmental and health benefits, the MCA Advantage provides significant long-term cost savings that result in a lower “total cost of ownership.”

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