Dust control is the application of diluted asphalt emulsions, oil-based liquids, chloride salts or organic resins sprayed directly onto or mixed into granular roadbeds. Typically these materials are applied by a vehicle-mounted distribution system. The application rates are variable depending on the product of choice and the material it’s being applied to.

Aggregates, minerals, fertilizers, soils and other commodities stockpiled degrade due to weather. Degradation can lead to material loss, airborne particulates and leaching. Erosion of road shoulders, embankments and stockpiles can cause material loss and environmental damage. Fugitive dust can be hazardous and combustible. Some dust suppressants have anticaking properties.

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Asphalt Based Dust Suppressant

Asphalt emulsions are economical, environmentally friendly and can be formulated with a number of additives for enhancing end-use properties. Asphalt emulsions can be top sprayed or road mixed into the top few centimeters.

Oil Based Dust Suppressant

Oil based materials come in many forms, from clear oils to high-viscosity cutbacks. Clear oils have been used when the road requires a wet appearance. The high viscosity cutbacks have excellent binding capabilities and work well blade- or pulverize-mixed into the top few inches of granular material.

Chloride Based Dust Suppressant

Chlorides have a wide range of applications in construction, de-icing and dust control. Used for many years in the industry, chlorides still tend to be an industry workhorse when it comes to controlling dust.

Ligno Based Dust Suppressant

Organic polymers or lignins derived from plants can be used as a natural dust suppressant measure, which very effectively binds the granular surface together. They tend to be viscous products that are typically diluted with water for application.

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