EverLife Flex®


Highly Flexible Asphalt Mix For Municipal Roads

The perfect maintenance solution on a budget!

An innovative, low-cost maintenance alternative to milling and paving is finally available. EverLife Flex® is a specialty asphalt mix that is cost-effective and demonstrates excellent performance. Using a custom-selected, highly polymer-modified asphalt binder, the finished surface resists cracking in low-temperature conditions while resisting deformation in the summer. EverLife Flex® uses customer-selected aggregates designed to resist rutting, reflective cracking, and fatigue cracking.

This mix can be produced and applied at lower temperatures than traditional hot mix asphalt, making it the perfect solution for late-season repairs on severely distressed roads. 

EverLife Flex® is perfect for:

• Rural roads and residential subdivisions with low to medium traffic 
• City streets and intersections with moderate to heavy traffic 
• Thin overlays on concrete pavements 
• New curb and gutter pavements

Specially Engineered Asphalt Cement

EverLife Flex®’s polymer-modified asphalt (PMA) contains specialty modifiers and additives that improve mix handling during production and provide more workability at lower temperatures in the field when compared to traditional hot mix asphalt, all while achieving its targeted in-situ mix density. 

EverLife Flex® PMA is engineered to provide resistance to various distresses: 

• Rutting at higher pavement temperatures 
• Fatigue at intermediate and freeze-thaw temperatures 
• Thermal cracking at low pavement temperatures
• Reflective cracking from existing surfaces

Advantages and Benefits


• No milling equipment is required
• Lower mixing and compaction temperatures mean less fuel is consumed


• Less fuel required for production, transportation, and milling equipment means lower carbon footprint
• Lower temperatures mean less fumes emitted from the mix
• Reduction of dust


• Less fumes and the absence of disruptive milling operations mean reduced impact on users
• Roads can be opened sooner than a traditional milling and paving operation would allow
• Safety of roadways increases as failures decrease


Safety Data Sheets

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