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A series of specially designed, environmentally conscious asphalt mixes exclusively provided by McAsphalt Industries Limited.

The EverLife® line of asphalt mixes deliver specific solutions for common problems in the construction and road maintenance world. From the budget-friendly EverLife Flex® to the environmentally-aware EverLife Recycl® and beyond, these mixes have been meticulously designed by McAsphalt’s engineers and offer significant advantages when compared to traditional asphalt mixes.

From an environmental perspective, certain EverLife® mixes offer lower carbon footprints when compared to traditional mixes. This is accomplished through various means, whether that be lowering production and compaction temperatures, using dramatically more recycled asphalt, even reducing the overall volume of material required to complete a job. Our EverLife® products are a direct result of McAsphalt’s dedication to reducing the impact our industry has on the environment without sacrificing the quality we have strived to achieve throughout the years.

See below for a full list of the EverLife® products we currently offer.


Highly Flexible Asphalt Mix For Municipal Roads

An innovative, low-cost maintenance alternative to milling and paving is finally available.  EverLife Flex® is a specialty asphalt mix that is cost-effective and demonstrates excellent performance. Using a custom-selected, highly polymer-modified asphalt binder, the finished surface resists cracking in low-temperature conditions while resisting deformation in the summer.

EverLife Flex® uses customer-selected aggregates designed to resist rutting, reflective cracking, and fatigue cracking. The mix can be produced and applied at lower temperatures than traditional hot mix asphalt, making it the perfect solution for late-season repairs on severely distressed roads. 


Low Permeability Asphalt for Bridge Decks and Parking Structures

The intrusion of moisture and de-icing chemicals into pavement is a serious problem in our freeze/thaw climate and can cause significant failures in any paved surface. Bridges and parking structures are especially susceptible to degradation because the sub-structures consist of materials other than asphalt such as concrete and steel.

EverLife LP® is a specialty asphalt mix that combines highly polymer-modified, high-grade asphalt cement with high-quality, specifically graded aggregate to create a surface that provides excellent waterproofing properties and reduces permeability. The elevated asphalt cement content and carefully selected aggregate gradation in the mix gives it excellent resistance to rutting and an extended fatigue life under intense loading, all while protecting underlying structures.


Durable Thinlay Mix For Municipal and Rural Roads

EverLife UT® is an ultra-thin protective layer of asphalt mix that effectively addresses failures while minimizing road noise and enhancing smoothness characteristics. Formulated with specially designed, high-performance asphalt cement and custom-selected aggregates, this overlay takes less time, materials, and energy to produce and apply.

EverLife Recycle

Cold-Mixed/Cold-Laid Asphalt for Low to Medium Volume Roads

For several years now, the roadbuilding industry has been developing innovative recycling techniques to reuse existing pavement materials in order to give them a second life. EverLife Recycle® is a cold-mixed/cold-laid asphalt consisting of bituminous emulsion combined with crushed and screened reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP).

It is placed using traditional paving techniques to form a new surface or base layer. This new, homogeneous layer can be applied on a granular surface or as an overlay and can be used as is or covered with a surface treatment such as chip seal, micro, or slurry.


Residential Driveway Asphalt Mix 

Applied at lower temperatures than traditional hot mix!

EverLife DWM® offers an excellent alternative to traditional concrete, adding a rich, dark colour and premium finish to residential driveways. Due to its nature as a mixture of aggregate and a carefully selected oil binder, this specialty mix is able to expand and contract as the seasons change, reducing the chances of cracks forming in the driveway.

Even when maintenance is needed, the cost throughout its lifetime is less than concrete due in part to the fact that most maintenance can be performed by the owner, eliminating the cost of hiring specialized labor. EverLife DWM® is also less expensive and takes less time to install than a traditional concrete driveway.


Airport Grade Fuel-Resistant High Shear Asphalt Mix 

Safe and worker-friendly, StellarFlex FR® features a polymer-modified mix that resists damage from jet fuel and hydraulic oil while providing rutting and cracking resistance. StellarFlex FR® eliminates the need for coal tar sealers while extending pavement life substantially.

Supported by a proven, 20+ year track record of success, StellarFlex FR® is the first product to meet the FAA’s P-404, “Fuel-Resistant Mix Asphalt Pavement” specification. 

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