Proprietary/Branded Emulsions

Proprietary/Branded Emulsions

McAsphalt’s expertise in emulsion manufacturing and modification, coupled with our state-of-the-art terminals, allow us to custom blend emulsified petroleum and non-oil-based products for many road and non-road-related industries. Specialty emulsions have been engineered for recycling or rejuvenating aged asphalts, non-tracking bond coats, cold mixes, drilling muds, impregnating boards, and the anticaking of minerals, to name a few.

Equipped with the knowledge and expertise to solve many technical challenges of today’s road construction industry, our team of experienced engineers and technicians are here to help. We operate four regional R&D laboratories that span the entire country. We formulate, design, test, and troubleshoot any bituminous product or process with a special emphasis on asphalt recycling along with environmentally friendly and sustainable products and processes.

Safety Data Sheets

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Blackmac Emulsion SealerWHMIS Icon
Cold Patch EmulsionWHMIS Icon
HP EmulsionWHMIS Icon
Enviro-PremWHMIS Icon
Priming EmulsionWHMIS Icon
Rejuvenite AWHMIS Icon
Rejuvenite BWHMIS Icon
Rejuvenite SWHMIS Icon

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