MACSEAL M.A.R.S.® in Atlantic Canada

MACSEAL M.A.R.S.® used in Atlantic Canada


In order to help the industry repair cracks wider than those conventional asphaltic products cannot seal, our R&D team developed a line of hot-applied sealant branded as MACSEAL M.A.R.S.® to repair wide cracks and other severe pavement distresses.

This sealant consists of a blend of specially engineered polymer modified binder, fibers and a carefully selected aggregate fraction.

To apply the product, a kettle with an agitator is used to heat the material to the recommended discharge temperature.

Initial field trials were conducted in 2015 at different General Aviation Airports (GAA) across the province of Ontario, where cracks on runways and taxiways were sealed.

  • Cures to a non-tacky finish
  • Engineered for all climates
  • Adheres well to both hot mix asphalt and Portland cement concrete pavements
  • Relatively fine aggregate gradation allows for thin repairs and for an excellent surface finish
  • Load bearing and impact resistant
  • Excellent solution for resurfacing utility cuts in high traffic, urban environments

After the first winter, all the repairs were found to be in good conditions. MACSEAL M.A.R.S.® is also being applied throughout different municipalities to repair cracks on municipal roads where traditional crack sealants are no longer effective, and the road owner does not have funding to perform any costly rehabilitation.

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