EverLife LP® on the Trans-Canada Highway – NB

EverLife LP® on Trans-Canada Highway – NB


McAsphalt has developed a specialty mix known as EverLife LP® in order to better protect bridge decks against the ingress of water, brine, and de-icing chemicals. This mix was used for the first time on a southern Ontario bridge deck and was recently placed in New Brunswick on four bridge decks as well as another on the PPP Trans Canada Highway. EverLife LP® (also known as “Low Permeability” mix) is tailored to local materials and utilizes highly engineered asphalt binder.

Thanks to performance testing under both laboratory and field conditions, EverLife LP® is uniquely balanced in terms of mix performance to address the needs of bridge decks under various traffic and seasonal conditions. Our performance testing suggests that this mix is significantly more effective than conventional asphalt mixes when placed on bridge decks and highways, providing long-term improvements in permeability and durability.

The recommended use for Everlife LP®:
  • Can be used in lieu of a hot-applied water proofing membrane or, ideally, in combination with a hot-applied membrane
  • Due to its waterproofing characteristics, EverLife LP® is best suited for being applied on bridge decks, elevated concrete highway decks, parking garages, toll booths, elevated ramps and approach areas
  • EverLife LP® is especially well suited for areas of heavy duty channelized traffic and areas subjected to high stresses and heavy loading
  • EverLife LP® is designed to exhibit exceptionally high fatigue life and is able to withstand the high strains and movement of concrete structures without loss of performance
  • EverLife LP® is a simple and a cost effective replacement for specialty proprietary and/or reactive mixes such as epoxy asphalt, etc.
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