EverLife Flex® on Southern Quebec Roads

EverLife Flex® on Southern Quebec Roads


In late October, crews have been busy placing our specialty asphalt mix, EverLife Flex®, on low volume roads in southern Quebec. This mix is perfect as a reactive maintenance overlay for severely distressed roads with low maintenance budgets because it significantly slows the damages caused by environmental and traffic stresses without the need for expensive milling operations.

EverLife Flex® uses a custom-selected, highly-polymer-modified asphalt binder, resulting in a pavement that resists cracking in low-temperature conditions while also resisting deformation in the summer months. It also uses customer-selected aggregates with gradations designed to resist rutting and fatigue. Additionally, the mix can be produced and applied at lower temperatures than traditional asphalt, lowering the amount of energy and resources put into the production process as well as lowering the amount of emissions put out by the application process.

We would like to thank Pavage Maska Inc. for their excellent work in executing this project with us. The success of this overlay application was due in no small part to their hard work and dedication.

If you’d like to learn more about how EverLife Flex® can help renew your distressed roads, please reach out to your local McAsphalt Marketing and Technical Services representatives.

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