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Asphalt Additives and Modifiers


Asphalt Additives and Modifiers

McAsphalt provides the road construction industry with the highest quality asphalt additives that increase adhesion between asphalt cements and aggregates and improve pavement performance via reduced pavement rutting and moisture-induced damage. Our products can save time and money for mix producers and paving contractors while improving the overall performance of the pavement and extending its service life.

Warm mix asphalt cements (WMA) offer a paving alternative to conventional binders that delivers longevity and performance while dramatically reducing emission, fuel demands, and mix oxidation. Our innovative technologies are designed to improve the mixing, coating, workability, compaction, and adhesion properties of asphalt mixes. WMA is a long-lasting paving solution that significantly lowers the temperatures required for asphalt production and application. These reduced temperatures lead to major reductions in fuel consumption, energy requirements, and environmental impacts while simultaneously improving working conditions.

Safety Data Sheets

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SDS – Polymer Modified Asphalt Cement
SDS – Warm Mix

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