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Polymer-Modified Asphalt Emulsions

POlymer-Mod Ash

Polymer-Modified Asphalt Emulsions

Polymer-modified technology is used in asphalt emulsions to improve physical properties, performance, and durability. Our polymer-modified asphalt emulsions provide an increased service life and life-cycle-cost savings. They can be used in applications that are unsuited to conventional asphalt emulsions or cutbacks.

Polymer technology has enabled researchers to develop several high-performance processes such as micro-surfacing and engineered chip seals, increasing the durability of the pavement surface and combating the stresses of heavy daily traffic. Polymers have also vastly increased the performance and service life of the most common asphalt emulsion applications.

Safety Data Sheets

DescriptionPdf File
SDS – Anionic Rapid Setting Emulsion
SDS – Anionic Slow Setting Emulsion
SDS – Cationic Medium Setting Emulsion
SDS – Cationic Rapid Setting Emulsion
SDS – Cationic Slow Setting Emulsion
SDS – Cold Patch Emulsion
SDS – High Float Emulsion

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