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Asphalt cements can be modified to meet different criteria, from warm mix applications to specific climate conditions. 

Asphalt cement is a strong, versatile and weather- and chemical-resistant binding material that adapts itself to a variety of uses, perhaps most commonly to bind crushed stone and aggregate into a firm, tough surface for roads, streets and airport runways.

The principal source of asphalt cements is found in the refining process of crude petroleum. The varying chemical and physical characteristics are primarily due to inherent variations in crude oil sources and refining practices, which in turn affect the performance of the residual asphalt on the road.

Asphalt cements can be modified to meet different criteria, from warm mix applications to specific climate conditions. Whatever the grade or modifications you require, you can trust McAsphalt asphalt cements to be engineered under strict quality conditions, allowing us to deliver consistent results and top performance every time.

Performance-Graded Asphalt Cements

McAsphalt’s performance-graded products meet or exceed the AASHTO M 320 specification requirements and are engineered to address fundamental material properties that account for specific pavement distresses and failure mechanisms.

Polymer-Modified Asphalt Cements

McAsphalt offers the industry’s most advanced line of PMA, designed to maximize the beneficial effects of the binder on permanent deformation, fatigue and low-temperature cracking within your environmental and traffic conditions.

Penetration/Viscosity Graded Asphalt Cements

Engineered to meet the CAN/CGSB-16.3-M90 specification, as well as specific provincial/state/regional requirements, which represents the more technical, empirical asphalt cement grading system.

Specialty Asphalt Cements

Specialty binders can be engineered for recycling or rejuvenating aged asphalt and for use in unique environments such as racetracks, airports and container terminals. We can also engineer custom-blended products for the adhesives industry and roofing/waterproofing applications.

Asphalt Additives and Modifiers

Our Asphalt Additives and Modifiers can save time and money for mix producers and paving contractors, while improving the overall performance of the pavement and extending service life.

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