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Recycling and rehabilitation can be used to address many road defects including rutting, cracking, profiling and polishing. Recent advances allow the addition of engineered materials to modify the structural strength of marginal materials that may have been used in the original construction.

Features and Benefits

Cold In Place Recycling

Cold in place recycling typically refers to milling the existing asphalt mat up to a depth of 125 mm, crushing the recycled asphalt pavement to a maximum size of 37.5 mm, mixing a rejuvenating emulsion into the RAP and laying the material back down on the road via a regular paver or grader.

Base Stabilization

The purpose of base stabilization is to increase the bearing capacity (or strength) of the roadbed materials. Adding an emulsified asphalt, and possibly other fillers, increases the road’s firmness and resistance to weather, while reducing movement or rutting in the base layer.

Full Depth Reclamation

Full depth reclamation consists of pulverizing the asphalt-wearing layer (top) of the road into the base material and evening the sub-base material to depths of up to 300 mm. Emulsified asphalts, fillers, virgin aggregates or recycled asphalt pavements can be added to maximize the effectiveness of the system.

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