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PREVENT – Covid-19


McAsphalt HSE Orientation Quiz

The Coronavirus “COVID-19” has been creating many new and unusual challenges for everyone and will continue for some time. The health and safety of your employees, our haulers and our employees, is of highest priority to McAsphalt. 

To be most effective, the physical distancing measures outlined by our Federal and Provincial Health Authorities must be undertaken and must be strictly followed by everyone. We believe it is imperative we behave in a proactive strategy and do everything possible to mitigate the impact of the current situation. 

We are asking all Customers, Carriers, Transport Trucks to call ahead of time for access to our facilities. Upon arrival, the individual will be asked to answer a COVID-19 questionnaire. 

McAsphalt will continue to closely monitor the situation and business continues to proceed with new restrictions. The above measures are being put in place at our Asphalt and Emulsion Facilities to accommodate safety and physical distancing. Guidelines will continue to evolve; 2 Provinces have recently shut down non-essential services. Please stay in contact with your Salesperson, Facility Manager, Dispatcher and other McAsphalt contacts to get the latest information. 

 Thank you for your support. 

Ron Vertz 
President, McAsphalt Industries Limited 

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