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Driveway Parking Lot Sealers


Driveway Parking Lot Sealers

There are various processes that can help maintain parking lot networks and driveways in good condition if utilized as part of their normal pavement maintenance and preservation. Sealers preserve and protect existing asphalt pavements from further oxidation, frost damage, and ravelling by filling the many voids and hairline cracks in the pavement’s surface, thus-prolonging the life of the asset and minimizing long term maintenance costs. Sealers also enhance the aesthetics of the pavement surface by restoring it to its natural black appearance, which also aids in the melting of snow and ice.

Sealers are an asphalt-based product that can be either a specially formulated cutback or a water-based asphalt emulsion which are placed using special machines or by squeegee.

Safety Data Sheets

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SDS – Blackmac

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