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EverLife LP®


Low Permeability Asphalt for Bridge Decks and Parking Structures

Keep water and everything else out!

The intrusion of moisture and de-icing chemicals into pavement is a serious problem in our freeze/thaw climate and can cause significant failures in any paved surface. Bridges and parking structures are especially susceptible to degradation because the sub-structures consist of materials other than asphalt such as concrete and steel.

EverLife LP® is a specialty asphalt mix that combines highly polymer-modified, high-grade asphalt cement with high-quality, specifically graded aggregate to create a surface that provides excellent waterproofing properties and reduces permeability. The elevated asphalt cement content and carefully selected aggregate gradation in the mix gives it excellent resistance to rutting and an extended fatigue life under intense loading, all while protecting underlying structures. 

How does it work?


MCA Engineering services will design the mix to meet the specific requirements of each job: 

• Custom selection and formulation of the asphalt cement
• Aggregate selection and blending 
– Designing the mix to meet or exceed all relevant specifications
– Performance testing including rutting and fatigue testing
– Hydraulic conductivity testing 
– Testing for resistance to oil, salt, and de-icing chemicals


EverLife LP® can be applied to directly to concrete/steel bridge decks or parking structures, although it is recommended that an application of CBC tack coat be applied first. Additionally, a MACSEAL BDM membrane is recommended prior to applying EverLife LP® to concrete decks.

Advantages and Benefits


• Outperforms conventional mixes
• Less maintenance required on underlying structures


• Energy savings
• Reduction of fumes and greenhouse gases means lower carbon footprint


• Reduced impact on users
• Highly channeled traffic is interrupted less frequently
• Safety of roadways increases as failures decrease

Safety Data Sheets

DescriptionPdf File
SDS – Polymer Modified Asphalt Cement

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