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Cost-effective micro-surfacing, roadway restoration and improved skid resistance.

McAsphalt’s slurry systems fill many specific needs, such as cost-effective micro-surfacing, roadway restoration and improved skid resistance. They can also provide an infinite variety of coloured surfaces for safety or decoration.

Features and Benefits

Slurry Seals

Slurry seal is a mixture of aggregate, emulsified asphalt, water and additives that are properly proportioned, mixed and spread over a prepared surface. A polymer-modified system can be used in the same application and will enhance one or more properties of the slurry to better meet a particular project requirement.


Micro-surfacing is composed of engineered, polymer-modified asphalt emulsions mixed with crushed well-graded aggregate, mineral filler, water and additives. The main difference between this system and slurry systems is that micro-surfacing is stackable and therefore engineered for rut fill applications and minor structural deficiencies.

Cape Seals

A cape seal is a combination of a single-chip seal application followed by slurry seal or micro-surfacing. The slurry or micro-surfacing application helps fill the voids between the chips.

Coloured Slurry

Coloured slurry is a mixture of synthetic emulsion binder, pigments and specially selected aggregates. Uses include lane delineation, shoulder delineation, decorative medians, crosswalks, driveways, golf cart paths, bike paths and turn lanes.

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